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July 2012

The Right of Self-Defense

Gun Rights Are Not About Guns

The issue of gun rights and the Second Amendment is a frequent topic of American politics. Most often, the debate around this …

Jonathan Krohn on Fox News

Philosophy Matters, QED

Every man has a philosophy. It shapes his thoughts, directs his actions, and even determines his very outlook on reality. In order …

Ringing the Liberty Bell

Absolute Liberty, Defined

When making any rational argument, it is of absolute importance to use clearly defined terms. Where a term key to one’s argument …

Mitt Romney

Romney’s Handicap

Undoubtedly, Mitt Romney is far cry from what capitalists would consider an ideal candidate to challenge President Obama in the 2012 election …

Keep Out

Private Prerogative

A property right is the right of use and disposal over a given entity– physical or intellectual. It imbues its owner with full control …

A US Olympian running with a flag, getting congratulated by fans.

Defending Diction: Patriotism

Throughout the American-led invasion of Iraq during the Bush Administration, the right fiercely rejected the legitimacy of any opposition to the invasion and …