A Note To Readers

Dear Readers,

Tuesday’s article marked my one-hundred thirty-fourth publication on The Mendenhall. From my first piece through every one since, I have been proud to contribute alongside fellow writers Slade and Allen Mendenhall on topics large and small. For nearly seven years, I have commented on everything from elections and wars to philosophy and love. I remain incredibly grateful for the opportunities to hone my craft as a writer, which has proven invaluable in the career that I have chosen for myself.

As many know, I graduated from the Duke University School of Law several months ago. Over the summer, I took and passed the Georgia bar examination. And in a few short weeks, I will be sworn in as a member of the Georgia bar. This is a goal toward which I have striven for many years, and I am fortunate to work in a field that I love as dearly as Howard Roark loves architecture.

But all opportunities have their opportunity costs, and a career in law is no different. Due to obligations to my employer and my future clients, I will be unable to continue providing my insight on issues of law or politics for The Mendenhall, effective immediately. I hope that my commentaries on those subjects over the years have proven valuable to you, and I hope that they will continue providing value to future readers who encounter them. However, any new commentaries on such topics will now only reach you through the prescribed channels and in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

I do not regret the imposition of these obligations. Indeed, I welcome it. For behind such obligations, I see the logic of business model that aims to optimize the efficacy of my legal services. By ensuring that I provide maximum value to clients, these policies allow for the proper maintenance and growth of client relationships—relationships that will continue providing me with the puzzles that first attracted me to the legal profession many years ago.

While this change is undoubtedly a significant one, I am happy to note that it does not mark an end to my time with The Mendenhall. In fact, it marks the beginning of a new chapter in my contributions. In the very near future, I shall begin publishing a new series of essays exclusively devoted to literary topics. I am excited about the project, and I anticipate that the first piece shall come shortly after the Thanksgiving holidays.

This project will further advance The Mendenhall’s mission of promoting a culture of reason by covering topics that we have previously left unaddressed. After all, a culture is more than the news of the day or the decisions by public figures. It is also the art we appreciate, the shows we watch, and the literature we read.

As we work to implement these changes, we thank you for our continued readership. We have benefited a great deal from your feedback and from your willingness to share our pieces with your peers. And we hope to continue providing you with our input on a variety issues in the coming years.


Brian M. Underwood, Jr.

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