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Clarence Thomas

The Politics of Paternalism

This first appeared here at The American Spectator.   One of the recent Supreme Court opinions everyone is buzzing about — Fisher v. University …

Lady Justice

Abolish the Bar Exam

This article originally appeared here at ♦ Every year in July, thousands of anxious men and women, in different states across …

Antonin Scalia

The Law is Above the Lawyers

The following originally appeared here at The American Spectator. Do not let its girth fool you: Reading Law by U.S. Supreme Court Justice …

Ron Paul

Auburn Limits Student Free Speech

The following article originally appeared as a guest editorial in the Montgomery Advertiser on January 13, 2012. I love Auburn University. I …


Don’t Forget Okinawa

Events in the Middle East have overshadowed news coming from Okinawa, where the future of the U.S. military base known as Futenma …

State of the Union

The State of the Union

The theme of Obama’s State of the Union on Tuesday was “We Do Big Things!”  That’s undoubtedly true if by Big Things he means …