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French Flag

The Vengeance They Deserve

That the horrors which transpired tonight in the city of Paris are a hateful affront to Western civilization must be felt by …

Hillary 2014

The Coronation of Hillary Clinton

This morning, November 12th, 2015, the headline on Fox News’ website announced, “FBI Expands Clinton Probe: Email investigation looks at possible violation …

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

How to Beat Donald Trump

Perhaps there was no way around Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the top of the Republican primary polls after he entered the race …

Hillary Clinton at Podium

The Limits of Hypocrisy

To say that in 2015 the American political landscape is a tangled marsh of philosophical contradictions, inconsistent ideals, and mixed premises should …

Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres

Iran and the Anatomy of Compromise

Yesterday, after months of terse negotiations, domestic pushback, and persistent gloating and ridicule by the opposite side, the Obama administration finally announced …