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The Conservative Rebellion

Attuned to the Daimon

The following review originally appeared here in the Library of Law and Liberty. Richard Bishirjian wears many hats. He’s a businessman, speaker, …

The Way Back

Make America Mobile Again

This review originally appeared here in The American Spectator.  Note that some of the references to the presidential election are now dated …

French Flag

The Vengeance They Deserve

That the horrors which transpired tonight in the city of Paris are a hateful affront to Western civilization must be felt by …

Hillary 2014

The Coronation of Hillary Clinton

This morning, November 12th, 2015, the headline on Fox News’ website announced, “FBI Expands Clinton Probe: Email investigation looks at possible violation …

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

How to Beat Donald Trump

Perhaps there was no way around Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the top of the Republican primary polls after he entered the race …