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ISIS Flag Waving

A War of Symbols

The headline of a story in The Washington Post on Saturday, May 23, read, “The Islamic State’s Disturbingly Successful Week.” The accompanying …

Israel Flag

A Republic Under Siege

As the perennial tensions in Israel have again erupted into armed conflict, the western apologists for Israel’s enemies have reignited calls for …

Egypt Protests

Egypt: Obama on the Wrong Side of History

The culture of criticism without proposed solutions, rhetoric without ideals, and condemnation without moral convictions has become an exhaustingly common spectacle in …

Obama and Hagel

Arming Syria: The Bigger Picture

The image: an American president who utilizes long-term detention without trial for terror suspects, unprecedented modes and degrees of surveillance against American …

Khobar Towers

Islamic Terror and Self-Esteem

In a featured report on May 31, 2013, entitled “Terrorists Driven by Low Self-Esteem, Florida High Schoolers Told”, Fox News issued a …


Egypt: The Ominous Parallels

Despite this publication’s design being primarily devoted to domestic issues occurring within U.S. borders, it is occasionally incumbent upon us to broaden …