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The French Revolution

Rousseau: The Consistent Collectivist

Numerous philosophers employ the state of nature as a metaphysical thought experiment to support their political prescriptions. Based on his assumptions that …

Chrysler Building, New York City

What is the Meaning of Life?

When one speaks of a “meaning of life,” what one is really talking about is a teleological ultimate value which man should …

Aristotle Studies Animals

The Value of Philosophy

In introductory philosophy classes at modern universities, students are greeted with several questions which they are to ponder throughout the course: does …

Robinson Crusoe

The Robinson Crusoe Fallacy

It is no secret amongst those close to me that I find sociology to be one of the most detestable subjects currently …

Law Books

A Brief Overview of Just Law

In legal theory, there are two primary theories about the definition of law: the positive definition of law and the democratic definition …


“It’s just reality.”

Like most college students at the end of May, I finished my exams with the full intent of taking a well-earned moment …