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US Unemployment 2009

What Causes Unemployment

Among the many metrics used to gauge the health and condition of our national economy—GDP, Current Account Balance, National Income, Producer Price …

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It is said that history is recorded by its victors. Apart from the traditional understanding of this maxim, we at The Mendenhall offer another interpretation: …

Obama and Clinton

The Decline of the American Left

Last night,  before what proved to be a disappointingly small audience in attendance and Americans watching in homes across the nation, President …


Three Thoughts on the ObamaCare Ruling

           Millions of Americans were greatly disappointed this morning by the upholding of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, along with its …

Barack Obama (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Obamacare’s Hidden Tax

In The Federalist, No. 62, James Madison wrote, “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made …